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The Only Wish That Matters

Last night, while our family sat around the customary end of the year bonfire, someone talked about the Ship of Theseus and its paradox. About identity and its components, about what is left when everything has been replaced.

As a child, I was tempted to delve into the philosophy of such ideas, postulate complex solutions to thought experiments that challenged the mind and intellect.

Last night, I suddenly realised that the philosophy of the paradox was immaterial. …

And More Importantly Do You Want to Quit Your Monday?

To say that 2020 was a difficult year is a massive understatement. 2020 was the year when our collective resolve was tested again and again. When we had to isolate ourselves from our loved ones, our routines, our world, and pretty much everything that kept us grounded. 2020 was the year that shook and crumbled the structures we always thought were invincible. And forced us into a situation where we had to ask difficult questions about our life, its meaning, and purpose.

The crisis is not over yet. The introspection…

Because It is December 6 Today

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Your buildings are fine

The structures you dream of

The pillars you erect

The monuments you demolish

The rubble, the concrete, the bare

Memories of places and times

Baked in bricks

Churned in concrete

Reinforced in steel

Reduced into dust

And ashes

And perhaps a tear

Your buildings are fine

The magnificence transient

The glory a lie

The legacy a trap

And the pain that lingers

And lingers

And lingers on

Your buildings are fine

But the people

It’s the people

Who are not okay

Not anymore

Not in a long time

Day 21 of Project 21 Days of Hope

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You stand at the window.
There is a glass cloud in the shape of a heart.
There are the wind’s sighs that are like caves in your speech.
You are the ghost in the tree outside.

The street is quiet.
The weather, like tomorrow, like your life,
is partially here, partially up in the air.
There is nothing you can do.

The good life gives no warning.
It weathers the climates of despair
and appears, on foot, unrecognized, offering nothing,
and you are there.

~ Mark Strand

This letter is late today…

Day 20 of Project 21 Days of Hope

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I woke up to a Twitter timeline extremely enraged about something J.K Rowling has said. I don’t want to go into the details of the wrongness of her persistent transphobia. The bottomline is that she is no longer the hero we had all considered her to be. Or wanted her to be.

Heroes falling from their graces has of late been a theme in our lives. Those we deemed perfect have revealed themselves to be flawed humans. Just like the rest of us.

It is heart breaking at many levels. But it…

Day 19 of Project 21 Days of Hope

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Ever since I have started this series on hope, I have been finding hope everywhere. And I don’t just mean metaphorically. I have been finding quotes and articles on hope in newspapers and magazines that have been lying around in our house for ages. People who have no idea that this series exists have struck conversation with me about hope. I have come across social media posts, poems by strangers that are all about hope. …

Day 18 of project 21 Days of Hope

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Hope, like most cherished spiritual values, is personal. It is intimate and unique. It belongs to us as the individual souls that are a part of the larger matrix of the Universe.

But of course, much like happiness hope can be shared and multiplied. It can be collated and collected. It can be combined into a force that is powered by the faith of the multitudes.

The Universe, however, despises absolutes. And so, everything that is good and powerful inevitably has a darker side.

So does hope.

Hope can be weaponized. It…

Day 17 of Project 21 Days of Hope

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“In the depths of your hopes and desires lies your silent knowledge of the beyond;
And like seeds dreaming beneath the snow your heart dreams of spring.
Trust the dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.” ~
Kahlil Gibran

Hope is a powerful practical tool. It is also an infinite spiritual force. Within hope lie not just our dreams, our aspirations, our ambitions for a better life and a better world, but also our connection with a realm beyond our mortal grasp.

Hope is a thread that ties our…

Day 16 of Project 21 Days of Hope

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The past few days, weeks, months have been hard for all of us. And this is not even about the pandemic.

Hate, violence, murder and mayhem have been the prevailing themes. There is hatred, racism, xenophobia and communalism every where we look.

Humanity seems to be in tatters. Compassion, empathy, kindness and basic decency are all in short supply. In times like these, where is the hope?

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You…

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